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Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut | Affiliated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, U.P.
Formerly Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Approved by AICTE, New Delhi
College Code: 069

Guidelines of the society

• Abhikalan , although strives towards creating a healthy milieu for promoting  computer science in students life but at the same time ,it also aims for nurturing students with basic  qualities ie discipline ,passion, etiquettes, etc  

Registration Fee & Subscription:

• Registration Fee and Subscription shall be as under unless otherwise revised by the Society.

• Registration Fee Rs.250/-, if he is not already a member of Society.


Students of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology will be required to take active participation in all the activities of the society to eventually take this society to greater  heights

Guidelines for the students:

• Students shall be required to showcase before all their cooperation, discipline,   hard work, dedication, zeal and enthusiasm in translating  every initiative of society  into A SUCCESSFUL one 

• Any attempt anywhere where at facebook ,or website, youtube   which  will directly or indirectly lead towards demeaning, disrespecting, dishonoring  of  the society  will not be accepted , and  as a ramification of which strict actions regarding that deed  will  be taken by the higher authorities

• Students will be required to fabricate a decent ambience, especially towards maintaining a decorum with other members and especially with teachers which will eventually result into smooth functioning of the society.

• Legitimate participation ,shall be expected in all the events from the students 

• Students shall be expected to furnish respect to every decision of the judge panels at the time of results declaration of any events. 

• If students hanker to showcase before all their views regarding  any topic  at any event in future ,they are recommended to put eagle eyes on their words , any word ,sentence disrespecting someone , will not  be accepted 

Functions of Governing Body:

• To take necessary steps for the implementation of all the programs and policies drawn by the General Body.

• To pass the necessary expenditure to meet the day to day requirements of the Society.

• To take decisions on applications for new membership.

• To prepare plans, projects and programs.

• To manage the affairs of the Society and to keep control over the property of the Society and all its assets. 

• To appoint committee(s) for disposal of any business of the Society or for advise in any matter pertaining to the Society.

• To appoint the Patron(s) of the Society.

• To take all such other legal steps for smooth/better management of Society.

• To accept donations, grants, gifts, contributions, subscriptions and endowments. 

• To establish and collect funds and accept donations in cash or in kind and utilise the same for the purpose of Society.

• To receive money, securities, instruments and or any other movable property for and on behalf of Society.

• To promote  healthy environment and remain unbais towards every student

• To respect every student effort and continue to galvanise their spirits


Termination or Cessation of Membership

 Governing Body of Society shall have powers to expel/terminate a member or/and members, from the membership of the above Society, on the following grounds:

• on death,

• on written resignation, 

• if found to be involved in any anti social activities,

• if adjudged by any court of law to be a criminal offender or of unsound mind,

• if found guilty by means of anti propaganda of Aims and Objects of the Society,

• if disregards Rules & Regulations or disobey the decisions of Society. 


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